The Danish digital advertising agency Just Branding int. has entered a partnership with the Polish advertising agency BrandStormand will in the future market itself together in Poland under the name JUST BRANDING int.

“JUST BRANDING int. see a great potential in the Polish market and after many years of collaboration with BrandStorm, it is now the perfect time for us to initiate a more structured partnership with a Polish partner under a unified name,” says owner and CEO of JUST BRANDING int., UffeJust.

Despite the current success of many Polish companies within the European market, the majority of them still face difficulties in making their brand internationally known, which is why this is an exciting opportunity for JUST BRANDING int. to initiate a partnership with this specific type of company.

From May 1, 2019, both companies will operate under the unified name JUST BRANDING int., which combines international experience with local expertise. The merger will provide JUST BRANDING int. with valuable knowledge in regards to the Polish market and ultimately give the company a decisive competitive edge while promoting the opportunity to evolve internationally.

According to JUST BRANDING’s CEO, UffeJust:

“Our relationship with BrandStormgoes back many years. We know each other from a global network of independent advertising agencies called ICOM. As a result, we understand each other well and can exploit those close international relations that we have built over the years, which will ultimately benefit our clients. BrandStormhas similar to us, great international experience, which will enable us to react quickly and efficiently as a combined unit. Furthermore, their expertise in regards to the Polish market will be critical, especially in regards to when we process potential Polish customers with international expectations.

The owner and CEO of BrandStorm, Pablo Bińkowskiadds:

“The collaboration with JUST BRANDING int. is a milestone in the development of our company. We combine international experience with strategic knowhow and a creative approach to digital advertising, which is currently in short supply if you take into consideration that 90% of the content that the consumers are exposed to is absolutely irrelevant. JUST BRANDING int. in Poland is an ideal partner for those Polish companies that are seeking to penetrate new foreign markets or expand their brand internationally. Overall, this is an incredible opportunity for us as a company because we have great international ambitions, which we together will be able to fulfil under the JUST BRANDING int.-partnership.”